Longing for warmer weather? Brighten up your Monday with cherry blossom arrangement.
Today’s item: Shizuka-M
Available in selected stores and online
About Shizuka Vase collcetion;
Shizuka Vase is a small metallic vase that you can place anywhere and make a miniature Japanese zen garden. You don’t have to prepare for a bunch of flowers. With a flower or more, you can make a Japanese garden in your room. Putting a small stone or floating flower petals on the vase, you can also enjoy arranging your small garden as you wish.

アンビエンテ 2013 (ドイツ)に出展いたしました

2月15日~19日:アンビエンテ 2013 (ドイツ)に出展いたしました。

Our next show was ‘Ambiente 2013’ in Frankfurt, Germany from 15 th 19th Feb.
As it is our first time to introduce our ‘naft’ products in Germany, we were nervous and excited. While the 1st and 2nd days of the fair do not seem to have been so crowded, our eye-catching products such as a ‘shizuka’ vase collection seduced people.

With Shizuka vase collection, you can make desktop zen garden easily and introduce relaxation into your busy day.

Today’s item: Shizuka-hangetsu
Available in selected stores and online



Ambiente からの写真です。 その2



環境にも配慮したリサイクル性の高い材質であるアルミニウムを職人が鏡面まで磨き上げたツボ押し(マッサージャー)、Collinette コリネットです。

Collinette in Europe for the first time!
The material of this acupressure massager is aluminium that is eco-friendly because of its high recyclability. Our craftsmen polishes the product to a mirror gloss.

Today’s item: collinette
Available in selected stores and online

About collinette;
collinette is a beautiful massager that you always want to keep close to you. This visually stimulating product describes glossy aluminium beauty as well as stimulates acupuncture points effectively. Cleverly curved to reach all the right spots. Once you try, you would be automatically addicted. The super smooth finish feels great against your skin, and aluminium will adjust to your body temperature quickly and can easily be warmed up or cooled down in water. It is easy to clean. As it is small enough to fit in your palm, you can carry around with you whenever and wherever you go.

Ambiente からの写真です。


写真は、naftのアイコンとしてお馴染みのボウルの”汀(ミギワ)” そして、海外からの引合いも多い、倉本仁氏デザインの ウォール・フック”sprinkle” 水盤”雫影(sizuka)”シリーズです。

The image shows:
– Fruit bowls ‘Migiwa’ , which you might often see as a symbol of our brand, naft.
– Coat wall hooks ‘sprinkle’ , which are designed by Mr Jin Kuramoto, and popular abroad as well. – ‘shizuka’ Vase Collection, which makes Zen garden on your table.
Today’s items:
Available in selected stores and online
– migiwa http://item.rakuten.co.jp/ginga-do/426001001001/
– sprinkle http://item.rakuten.co.jp/ginga-do/426001001010/
– shizuka http://item.rakuten.co.jp/ginga-do/426003001006/

Happy Valentine’s Day !!



It’s Valentine’s day today, isn’t it?
How about giving chocolate-coloured ‘plant’s animal’ as a gift?

We also have lovely peach and whipped cream coloured ones. They might bring love to you.
Wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day

Today’s item: plant’s animal

About plant’s animal;
Colourful penguins, porcupines, and oran-utans brigthtens the room as a plant holder, multi-purpose tray or ornament.
NB: We do not ship air plants internationally. We just ship the products only.



主催のMesse Frankfurt様のご招待により、出展が実現。

Hall 11.0 B72ブースにてお待ちしております。
会場:フランクフルト国際見本市会場(Messe Frankfurt)
主催:Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

Our next show is ‘Ambiente 2013’ in Frankfurt, Germany.

We are so excited because we are invited by the organizer, Messe Frankfurt.

Date: from 15 to 19th February
Place: Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany
Booth: Japany style Hall 11.0 B72

We are going to introduce our “shizuka vase collection” as well as other naft products.

About 雫影 Shizuka vase collection:
This vase collection is both decorative and useful adding a modern/classic touch. You can place the vase anywhere and make a miniature Japanese garden. You don’t have to prepare for a bunch of flowers. With a flower or more, you can make a Japanese garden in your room. Putting a small stone or floating flower petals on the vase, you can also enjoy arranging your small garden as you wish.


As there are many booths in the show, please don’t get lost.
We are looking forward to seeing you.



ご挨拶が遅くなりましたが、第75回 東京インターナショナル・ギフト・ショーで弊社ブースにご来場いただきました皆様、ありがとうございました。
今回のショーでは、solano、rondo、Oyster incense、magmaを発表しました。


Belatedly, NAGAE Ltd. would like to say thank you to everyone who came our booth at Tokyo Gift Show last week.

We introduced some new products; solano, rondo, oyster incense, and magma. We would like to introduce them in detail on this blog later.
The picture shows our latest product ‘solano’. The colourful fan stands itself and swings gently back and forth. It cools off on a hot summer day. It goes on the market this summer.

Today’s item 1: solano

Today’s item 2: rondo

Today’s item 3: oyster incense

Today’s item 4: magma


西3ホール 3051-3052 です!


NAGAE Ltd. is going to take part in the Tokyo International Gift show. We welcome your visit to our booth located in Hall West 3, Booth No. 3051-3052.
We are going to introduce our latest product, self-standing fan ‘solano’. Although it is eary to talk about summer (it is still cold here), the product is perfect for hot summer days. Other naft products are also waiting for you.

When you feel tired after walking around the show, please come to our booth and try our portable massager, collinette.

We are looking forward to seeing you in this show.